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Les notes patch Dota 2 7.35 ont été publiées et elles sont beaucoup plus grandes que n’importe qui pensait, apportant une mise à jour de changement de jeu massif et Frostivus.

The patch notes for Dota 2 7.35 have been released after months of waiting and it is one of the biggest patches we have seen in a while, with new items being added to the game along with a ton of balance changes and of course, the Frostivus celebration.

Few were expecting this to be a massive game changing patch, with most expecting the Frostivus celebrations to bring some new cosmetics and a few new features, but instead we got the full 7.35 update that looks to turn the entire game on its head.

The headline new features are brand new items being added to the game. There are three new normal items, and a load of new and returning neutral items and one returning normal item in the form of Ring of Tarrasque. The new items are Tiara of Selemene, which gives mana regen, Khanda which gives right click crits and spell empower which is basically a spell crit, and Parasma which gives a magic resist debuff on right clicks and a witch blade style damage over time.

Other items, ranging from Arcane Boots to Bloodthorn have been reworked, with the former no longer giving a big mana boost and instead giving regular mana regen, and the latter no longer having a magic effect and instead focusing on damage. Medallion of Courage has been totally removed from Dota 2, which is a surprise given it is one of the oldest items in the game.

Outside of items there is a load of hero changes covering almost all of the heroes in Dota 2. Some abilities such as Gyrocopter’s ult and Omniknight’s ult have been reworked, and a lot of values have been changed to buff underused heroes and nerf top heroes. With so many changes it is going to take a while to figure all this out. Fortunately there’s a pro tournament going on right now, so they will start to figure it out in the coming days. You can try and figure them out by reading the patch notes.

Outside of the changes to the core of Dota, the patch also brings the Frostivus celebration and some new cosmetics, including Wraith King dressed as santa. There’s also some freebies, including presents for those who have high behaviour scores so it is finally paying to be nice in Dota.

As far as patches go this is a pretty big one for Dota 2, and it has come as a bit of surprise. However, no one is complaining that we get a massive update just before the holiday season.


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